Why Partner & Exhibit

Be Different, be a resource, be a partner and win.

During our recent survey of more than 30,000 people involved in the transformation of our cities and towns, half of the respondents said that they look towards the vendor community for advice and guidance on smart city technology, the remainder look to their peers for support.

On the flip side, over 75% said it’s “moderately hard to difficult” to find relevant information that provides hard facts and figures without all the hype.

In simple terms, our delegates don’t want a “sales pitch”

They want advice, they want you to share your expertise in solving challenges.

Can you do that? Do you have the expertise to help? Can you do it without the “pitch”?

If it’s yes to the above, you can build quality relationships with new potential clients who are looking for your solutions.

Get in touch with us today.  We can create a sponsorship package that helps you demonstrate your capabilities.

Options include:

  • Presenting a case study
  • Joining a panel discussion
  • Hosting a networking function
  • Executive breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Displaying products in the exhibition space

There are limited exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available.